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  1. That work! I followed the instructions in Option #2 and deleted the files and now Teamspeak is working properly. Thank you so much for helping me.
  2. The Teamspeak version is and the error occurs immediately on start up of Teamspeak. I will include a screen cap of the exact message, for reference, I guess. I do not have the MSI files or Ad-Aware files and can not find them in the directories that the How-to lists. I will include results from a Farbar recovery scan. Thanks for your help. Just let me know what else I can do. FRST.txt Addition.txt Sytem Info.zip
  3. The warning message is this "We found a DLL that was injected by 'Lavasoft Ad-Aware'. Lavasoft Ad-Aware can possibly cause the TeamSpeak client to crash. If you experience any issues, you may need to uninstall Ad-Aware." This warning message is shown and after closing that dialog box TeamSpeak crashes immediately. This is the problem I've been having issues with. After uninstalling Ad-Aware, TeamSpeak still shows the warning message and crashes after I close the box.
  4. Hello, I recently uninstalled Ad-Aware from my computer after it started messing with TeamSpeak. After uninstalling it, I'm still having issues with Ad-Aware interfering with TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak gives an error that relates the issue with a DLL from Ad-Aware. So far I have tried taking a few steps to remedy the issue. However, I have not been successful. Unfortunately, I deleted all files related to Lavasoft and only learned afterwords that that was not a good idea. I also tried to reinstall and uninstall it again to see if that might fix it, but it has not. I am not a computer wizard, but I know enough to get by and now I am lost and need some help. I might chalk it up to TeamSpeak doing something to cause this issue, but I still would like some help to see if it isn't something lingering from Lavasoft. Otherwise I will wait till there is an update from TeamSpeak and reinstall TeamSpeak and Ad-Aware. Thanks.