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  1. OK I have manually updated to v.

    But now "Block dangerous sites" is greyed out (see attachment). Why?

    I have enabled some "malware domains" filters under "3rd Party Filters", but I think "Block dangerous sites" uses Ad-aware own blacklist, so it should add an extra layer of security



  2. OK, I have tried the new version for a while.

    • The "3rd-party filters" works good :)
    • The "my filters" doesn't work as expected. If you right-click on an advertisement and select "block element", it adds the filter to the list, but you can't make "my filters" work together with the "3rd-party filters" (if you check "Enable my filters", all the "3rd-party filters" will be automatically unchecked) :(
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  3. There have been malware circulating that were able to disable Comodo's sandbox.


    But, of course, it's always a good idea to have several layers of protection. But sometimes that can cause problems due to conflicts between drivers.

    Everything can be bypassed, the point is, how easy (or how difficult) it is to bypass :)

    For example, Comodo Firewall at default settings is not bulletproof. But if you tune the settings, then it can give you nearly 100% protection.

    Ad-Aware FREE offers a great detection rate, but in my opinion is not enough to protect against 0-day malware because it lacks of advanced techniques (such as AVC, which is a kind of behavior blocker)

  4. You can never be 100 % sure that an antivirusprogram or Comodo Firewall will find all malicious files that might enter your computer. All well-known antivirusprogram try to catch ransomware by their signature and not by their behavior.


    If you want to have special protection against ransomware, I suggest that you install a program that is specializing in that:

    Comodo Firewall can stop (actually, it can sandbox) any unknown file, including ransomware. The downside is that it can also prevent a legitimate program to run, that's why it's better to couple it with a traditional AV with high detection rate

  5. You're welcome :)


    I don't know if the free version really needs another security product, many persons are only using the free version, and both Pro and Free got the same result (RAP score) in Virusbulletin's latest test:

    But it depends on what you do at your computer and your backup solution etc.

    Check these two videos and you'll see why you need another security solution :)


    Ad-Aware 11 Free VS. ransomware


    Difference between traditional AV and Comodo Firewall VS. ransomware

  6. I really like ad-aware ad block, it's much faster in loading pages than other ad-blockers. I just would like to see two more features:

    1) An option to manually add something you want to block (in ublock origin there is a "pick" feature)

    2) An option to see all the user-added active subscriptions and manage them (add, remove, disable, enable)

    Thanks :)

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