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  1. I couldn't install Adaware 12 no matter how I tried and I'm a very experienced Windows user. It says "Installing Updater done" and it stalls forever. How do I remove this installed Updater? I can't find it in the list of installed programs nor in Program Files or in AppDate folder. I'm pretty sure it is sitting somewhere there and it as already modified registry keys etc. Why I know that is sitting there because when I tried to install Adaware 11 it started as version 11 but then it detected Updater 12 then the installation logo changed from 11 to 12 and then it stalls the same as 12.
  2. When I right clicked on a file in windows explorer the context menu would take ages to appear, sometimes up to 7-10 seconds and I used to think it was my old computer acting up. Now I have uninstalled Adaware (just because I wasn't able to install the update no matter how I tried) and installed Avira. To my surprise the right click is back to normal! The context menu opens instantly! I like Adaware but my only complaint was quirky updates and now the right click otherwise it's a good product.
  3. Win 7 Pro, Service Pack 1. I have installed KB 3033929 but still updating doesn't work. Before it would give me an error Cant create process and now it would go past that stage but then it will just stall saying I cant remember exactly what maybe Updater installation finished. Any other updates it depends on? How do I uninistall the updater? Thank you I'm gonna give it one more chance. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the free version and all the work done by your team but I have already tried to update it like 10 times, its tiring (every time it needs to download the installer and then the installer downloads the update etc) and the pop up is super annoying, it's like you guys trying to be responsible for my PC's security. Don't. Just have one pop up saying you must update to the newest version and if you don't then you are compromising your computer's security and use the old version at your own risk.
  4. I'm having exactly the same problem! It's Windows 7 Pro. It downloads the Updater, the Updater is installed, and at the very end of Updater installation - I guess - when the Updater tries to launch the update process it says Can't create process.