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  1. is the compressed ka lite.exe file. ka
  2. This is where I downloaded the installer... Meanwhile...working on finding a zip program
  3. Figured out how to change the settings on my phone When I try to attach the ka lite.exe I get a message saying I am not allowed to attach that type of file.
  4. I am unable to add the file or the screenshots from my phone, but will be online with my computer later today and can try then.
  5. Thank you! I am starting to become famiar with this new version of Adaware. I found the files and restored them, but took screen shots of the results before restoring.
  6. I updated Adaware to the newest version and it detected my homeschooling program as a virus and deleated it! I was using KA Lite as a server on my windows 7 for local computers to connect to. How can I get my program back?