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  1. Eudora Ad-Aware hard to say because the contol window won't open. The latest one.
  2. Okay, so, now the only issue is the one that was bugging me the most from the getgo, except it's worse now. Every email I send or receive used to say: "This email is free from viruses and malware because Ad-Aware Email Protection is active." which is inexcusable spamming on the part of Ad-Aware and almost enough reason not to use it. BUT NOW: they all say: https://jump.adaware.com/redirect.php?LID=LID016&userflow=features&culture=en&utm_source=app0004&utm_medium=med0001&utm_campaign=cam00001&time=73&product_version=AdAwarePro&InstallDate=&mvt-inter=StandAloneInstaller&IGUID=13792AC1-76B5-4BA4-8789-C3B2F54F3E67&version=12.0.649.11190 This is not acceptable.
  3. Okay, I removed Malwarebytes, removed Ad-Aware, then did all of the hoopjumping. I rebooted, downloaded the standalone installer and installed. I rebooted, etc. It appears to be working. I sent you that system file 8 days ago. If you had given it "i quick look" 8 days ago I'd have been saved 8 days of grief. At least it's working now, apparently... It's doing the recommended scan. I will report back after it's done.
  4. All I want is for the popup which jumps up every half hour or so telling me that I NEED TO UPDATE NOW would stop. How much more annoying can a company be? It doesn't work and it pops up ENDLESSLY reminding me of the fact, stealing the focus of my computer each and every time.
  5. No, I'm not into that. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them, and since they are a faceless, mysterious web presence - unaccountable and non-contactable that won't be happening. They are inexcusably negligent in providing even a modicum of email support. And, of course, there's no telephone support. I have done as they suggest numerous times. Each and every time I get the same result: "cannot create process." Currently I am (maybe) operating with some form of protection but no email, web or network protection. Log files aren't being created and folders described in their documentation don't exist. This company should be dissolved. And, of course, they're keeping my money.
  6. I removed it again, and downloaded it again. And tried to install it again. ERROR: Couldn't create process. The other zipfile is 96mbs. There are no Msi files.system info.zip
  7. I did the repair process. Same result.
  8. Okay, I have now done what the idiots at Ad-Aware suggested and this is where I'm at: How 'bout just giving me my money back and letting me buy a product that works?
  9. Lots of people have different issues - my peeve is the fact that I can't take their sales blurb out of every email I send or receive. Another is that it determines what is spam and removes content without giving me a chance to review what it has done. Add to that the general uncertainty as to whether or not it's actually protecting me... but foremost, is this popup problem at the moment.
  10. Why wouldn't they be overloaded. This product has nothing but problems, from what I can see. And I did contact their support team. Four days ago. But thanks for the reply.
  11. WHAT IS THIS? Is it Ad-Aware or Apache or ... PLEASE advise how to get rid of this thing which pops up every few minutes on both of my computers with Ad-Aware.