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  1. Now I use adaware12 but I want to know How to enable Adaware12 protect ransomware? Does it have function to enable protect ransomware?
  2. Hi lavasolf I post this to ask microsoft long time ago but nobody answer me I think you should find the method to help me skip by pass to download KB303392 coz I am your customer I am not use free version of Lavasoft Best Regard Teera K
  3. Hello CeciliaB and Lava staff I installed all updated released again but still found same problem error 0xc0000428 This is my view lastes update history please help more solution
  4. Hello CeciliaB and Lava staff That's all update exactly I check update from windows online .Not installed by standalone download So this method is not solution when check for update again So I think adaware12 have bug and conflict with KB303392 please find more solution
  5. Hi CeciliaB and Lava staff Now I already finished all update window released but still found same problem with error 0xc0000428 I think this method is not solution window can pass all update with normal situation no any error but after adaware12 installed KB3033929 error 0xc0000428 come back again So I think adaware12 have bug and conflict with KB3033929 ​please find others solution more
  6. Hi CeciliaB OK,I'll update all released and tell the result later
  7. Hi CeciliaB 1.For the method for all window update you mean I just select check for update at control panel in the picture , right? but this window is cracked ,I'm not use correct license I afraid if click check for update window will break down 2.Can you give me all window update by standalone file ? 3.The time is correct coz it's time zone in my country ---> my country year 2560 = 2017 Can you have any advice?
  8. Hi CeciliaB This is picture I follow you
  9. Hi Cecilia These are update file Thank for you help Logs.rar msi.rar systemInfo.rar
  10. Hi Cecilia As I tell you before .Now I restore to normal situation and already uninstalled adaware12 Now I use adaware11 substitution so Can I still upload log,msi, and system information at normal situation ? or I must install adaware12 for go to this error 0xc0000428 again to upload abnormal situation file to you,aren't I? please advise
  11. After I installed KB3033929 and I wait until window finished update before window restart itself and appear this error when it starting to boot window again although I can skip this error by using Disable Driver Signature Enforcement but eventually adaware12 disappear from my computer . figure out adaware12 uninstall itseft
  12. Hi Cecilia If I install KB3033929 it will waste several time to restore and go back to normal situation so I'll find this error from internet that happen to me when I install KB3033929 I hope you can use this pic to find solution Best Regards, Teera K
  13. Hi Lavasoft Yes I install Windows updates and run standalone file Lava antivirus 12 but it's still appear same error Couldn't create process The only method that I can found to install without error Couldn't create process is run download KB3033929 but after finish installed Lava antivirus 12 window appear error 0xc0000428 it's appear boot menu when starting to boot window Best Regards Teera K
  14. Hello lavasoft I try to download and installed follow link you gave me but It's still the same error couldn't create process please help me find more solution Best Regards Teera K
  15. Dear Lava soft These are file you want but adaware in my computer can't upload at this website because it's very big file 716 MB so I gave you logs file substitution please advise if you have any more Teera Best Regards Logs.rar MSI7de60.rar system informaion.rar
  16. Hi Lavasoft I send you email 4 times but no answer .why??? I can't update new version of ad-aware it says "Couldn't create process" I try to uninstall and re-install again but it still appear the same problem please help me hurry Teera K Best Regard