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  1. Hi I'm an intermediate skilled computer user. But this is the first time I've posted to the forum, normally I can find what I need but not this time. I'm trying to install Adaware 12, pro version. After three days of trying this is what has happened. Firstly I had to reinstall Windows 7 due to a disk failure (Just normal wear and tear) I tried to install with bare minimum updates. I used the ones mentioned on this forum but it didn't work at this stage. So I downloaded the Windows 7 stack to get all of the updates at once. Took a day and a half and numerous restarts. Then the installer began to work. After several tries I got it up to the point "Install updater done" but no further. Once the box is closed all the files disappear from the common folder *even the adaware folder itself" I tried using the adaware updater.msi download and followed instructions but with no files in the folder I couldn't do that. One time I waited an extra long time and got the error message: "error; Msi transaction owner change failed" Would you be able to provide an offline installer please for me because my netbook has minimum requirements. i.e is slow. adaware