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  1. OK; Adaware 12 installed and is working. thank you for your help! Ed
  2. Been gone for 2 days: I think I over stated the problem when I said it was not shutting down. Seems fine now; might have been IObit Advanced System care that you had me remove and also having an external drive (on which I have some pictures and such) open at shut down. I try to run JRT removal tool and CCleaner and then shut down is fine. Yes, the right click menu comes up instantly on all files and works fine and I am pretty good at moving files around. So are we done? Does it look like the fix worked? Should I download Adaware 12 now? And I believe you said I could put Iobit back in but not that and Malware Bytes both, correct?? Thanks, Ed
  3. OH, and the Adaware icon on the desktop that had stayed there and seemed to be half starting the program is now gone which I assume is good. I am curious as to what we are doing.
  4. OH, and I did get rid of the old Java programs and that seems to be all set. Ed
  5. I had a little confusion because although I had a shortcut for FRST64 on the desktop it did not find the fixlist and told me that it had to be in the same folder, so I moved it into downloads......... rebooted and here it is. So I have not done anything else. BTW, I am sure it is beyond your area to want to advise, but could you help with another issue...... this computer never does reboot on it own. It just displays a wait/cycle symbol and goes on that way forever. Eventually the hard drive monitor light goes off and I kill the power and then restart. thanks, Fixlog.txt
  6. Here are the files after uninstalling IObit Malware Fighter Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. OK. Thanks for sticking with it. So I should not have Advanced System Care? I paid for that program. Opps.... did I not get IObit Malware Fighter 4 deleted? I will do it again a little later. Ed Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. OK; that seemed straigforward. Here are the files for FRST.FRST.txtAddition.txt
  9. I uninstalled Ad-aware 12 successfully. I cannot find Ad-aware 11 to uninstall it. Does not appear in the list of programs; but it is there under Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Antivirus\ ...... etc.... When you try to start it, it also just says , Please wait while we update your definition files ....... and nothing ever happens. Thanks,
  10. I still seem to have Adaware 11 showing and cannot uninstall that. MS Defender has been shut off. I am sorry, but I cannot follow those instructions.... don't understand.
  11. I am trying to install to Windows 8.1 OS; Installation does not complete and demands to update file definitions but just says it is checking and never completes. Also won't run a scan of any kinds . Software does not appear to be connecting to the internet. Thanks for advice, Ed