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  1. I did pause it and turned my computer off later on. Apparently it did save the progress and continued. It took longer than estimated, but it did certainly not take 24 hours altogether. I also tried lowering process priority through the task manager earlier, but that didn't work. Even when running the Taskmanager with admin rights, it doesn't allow you to change the priority of adaware.
  2. It's about 1.2TB of files that must be scanned. Should it really take that long for this? I wouldn't have a problem with running this scan in the background, but it uses up 50% of my disk writing/reading capacity which makes running other programs that require this capacity impossible.
  3. Hello. So I just started using Adaware and doing my first full scan. However I noticed that a full scan takes a really long time. I'm not sure if that's the case because it's the first time or if there's some problem. The estimated time left is at about 25 hours and it only came up after 2 hours of scanning. For the first 2 hours it only said "calculating". My PC is good enough, except that I am still running a SSHD and not a SSD. But I don't see why scanning a SSHD or normal HDD would take that long.