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  1. Look I'll be straight forward here. I am extremely frustrated with this. I would like to uninstall your product, and when I try, nothing happens. I goto Control Panel, add/remove cpl , and both Uninstall and Change buttons do absolutely nothing. Additionally, the program will not stay running. The service constantly shuts itself down. I can manually go into services panel, start adaware, and it says "running". some 15 seconds later, it's suddenly stopped again. As you can imagine, that makes it impossible to operate the GUI interface. Which is constantly telling me "Service unavailable!". Please help before I get so pissed that I format the pc and start over. I enjoyed your product, while it was working. It no longer does, and I need to reinstall it. Also by the way, your reset password link provided by your main account login page (sent by email), routes to a nginx 403. Useless. So I can't even download my paid product, because I can't login to my account because I can't reset my password. Please tell me how to remove this program. Please. Sorry, for the language. Been one of those days. This is some serious icing on the cake.