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  1. Nope, seems to be gone. Thank you so much for all your help
  2. Okay so: 1. I can't open Web Companion at all, it crashes whenever I try to open it. 2. I followed the instructions in that link, downloaded the patch & ran it. 3. Here's the Fixlog.txt Thank you for the head's up regarding Spigot - I'll have it removed Fixlog.txt
  3. Sorry for such a late response - here are the two files. Really appreciate your help! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Yes, I've tried doing this - the exact same thing happens in safe mode when I click uninstall.
  5. Hi, I can't seem to uninstall this program. I think I installed it while trying to install something else. However, when I go to Control Panel to uninstall it, a new window pop ups saying that Web Companion crashed. Can someone please help me out on what I should do? Thanks so much.