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  1. I'll see about doing a before-and-after and capture some logs.
  2. Further complicating matters, a boot-time scan removed the miner as well, so apparently no form of automatic scanning is adhering to exclusions. Had there not been a response to this thread I would have uninstalled it in response. I'm using the Claymore dual miner version 9.5, from here: https://github.com/nanopool/Claymore-Dual-Miner/releases I have the miner thrown into a directory on the desktop since it has to be accessed a lot, in C:\Users\_local_username_\Desktop\Claymore, and the same path is in the "paths excluded" list. It is the only entry. "Extensions excluded" is empty.
  3. Greetings! I'm testing Adaware, starting with the free version (12.0.649.11190, running on Windows 10 Pro v 1607 - I've not updated to the "Creators'" version yet), to see if it'll be suitable for my purposes, as I run a number of cryptocurrency miners and practically everyone that makes anti-malware software treats a miner as a trojan. So, exclusions are the name of the game. However, Adaware's automated scans seem to ignore exclusions. This is a problem. A big, big problem. I've had Adaware destroy the miner on my testbed system twice now, both times thanks to an automated scan auto-firing overnight and despite having the miner's path clearly listed in the "paths excluded" list. I have since disabled automatic scanning, in order to see if this is a suitable workaround that corrects the behavior. If the miner gets removed a third time, Adaware will be removed immediately after and I'll move on to test something else until I find a product that's well-behaved enough within the context of my usage conditions to justify my money. Is this behavior intended? If so, who thought it was a smart idea to have automatic scans ignore exclusions? Doesn't that defeat the entire point and purpose of having exclusions in the first place?