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    Hello Cecilia, I didn't had time past week to ask help from the online support team, but thanks for to have warn me. I would like to send you a PM... but what is it? :-/ Greetings, Yannick
  2. Yannick

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    Hello CeciliaB, Thanks for your reaction. Though I can't remember exactly which month, I do remember I just bought & used the license key on one of my other personal computers end past year, just for some maintenance reason. After maintenance I unistalled Ad-aware from that particular computer, but never thought it would give some conflicts with the license key when installing afterwards on an other system (Like seen on my personal licenses overview, one of the print screens in previous post). B.t.w.: how does it come the server can't give proper details, even when the software and license are removed from one or more system(s)??? I thought my previous (expired) licenses used on other different & old systems were long gone!!! Now I only would like to use the license on another system, which im using right now and typing these post reactions on. Thanks for any further help. Lovely greetings, Yannick x
  3. Yannick

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    Hello CeciliaB, After your last post I tried again to activate my license (even after uninstalling & re-installing, using the Removal tool). I still get the same problem. Also the licenses overview on adaware.com still's the same like on previous print screen So i followed the steps explained on your link "How to report a problem". In the User/temp folder I only found 2 MSIxxxx files. Hopefully the infomation in the .zip file, on my OneDrive https://1drv.ms/f/s!AptSB5UQ0DM6uyOsSd3NWzRfjX6n, will explain what's troubeling. :-) Greetings, Yannick
  4. Yannick

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    Hello Longtt, I found the same problem at activation as seen on one of the print screens. And can't either find a solution or help to fix the issue. I tried several times, even tried uninstalling & re-installing the application (using the removal tool of adaware), but it is still displaying the error message. With my Privacy toolbox i get the same problem. I took a look at my licenses overview on adaware.com... it's very remarkable that while the "my license" header of Ad-Aware Total Security is telling me that I have one seat in total & used, the ad-aware server cant give proper details for activated licenses ("?"). :-/ If someone can give us support about this issue, we would appreciate it very much! :-) Greetings, Yannick