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  1. secondnature

    Dual Anti-Virus Programs Okay?

    Cecilia, thank you so much! In talking with others in dealing with my current issues with a Trojan virus, I have gotten some unfavorable feedback regarding Kaspersky, that it is not the best product for Antivirus. This makes me a little uncertain of its capabilities in holding back the bad guys. I am wondering if my system has somehow become compromised previously by there being some viruses that were not controlled in the past through Kaspersky, therefore my system is weak. With my system being vulnerable, I wonder if this latest Trojan had an easier time filtering in. I would actually feel better having AdAware on board as well; it was able to find the 4 infected files during a scan and Kaspersky was not. The software that it has shown up in (my design software) is my livelihood, and it is not a good thing to lose my ability to use it; when it disappears, it is a little unnerving! I will go ahead and uninstall AdAware and then upgrade my existing Kaspersky. I will then perform a Kaspersky scan, and then will incorporate AdAware back in as you suggested. Thank you for your assistance! Karla
  2. secondnature

    Dual Anti-Virus Programs Okay?

    I currently have Kaspersky Total Secuirty installed and have used it for many months. A few days ago, I began having a malicious virus show up through my Landscape Design Program (Dynascape Design) whilst I was uploading some photos/uploading from PC photo files. Has not happened before. Of the three times it has happened, the first two I have been able to successfully resolve easily through KAsp by going to quarantine and then restoring. The third time was a doozy; was not that easy. Could not find my design program (dscape.exe) anywhere. I found AdAware and installed it and it has found and quarratined the 4 files that were giving me grief. I just conducted another full scan on Adaware and it is clean. I understand that I can have AdAware running in conjunction with this true? Of course, Kaspersky is sugesting that I remove AdAware completely before upgrading to their newest version (2018) as Kasp might recognize AdAware as a threat. Is this true? I am wondering why I have a paid subscription with Kaspersky and I am having to manually upgrade to a "better version"....seems like the upgrades should be happening all along for a subscribed customer??? Thanks I just want to NOT have this happen again!