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  1. I am talking about protection against such viruses as Wannacry, Cerber, Petya, Bad Rabbit, AES-NI, Osiris it means protection from Ransomware As known and not known yet
  2. Hello Can Adaware Antivirus Free protect from encrypting files users?
  3. I need offline version 12. For collection not online installer
  4. Hi CeciliaB This is a verification method that checks only the checksum of the files. In the event that the file has not changed? Method that allows you to exclude a re-examination?
  5. Hello At me a question as the scanning is realized. This is an access scan when the file is checked every time. Or is it a cumulative scan when the checked file is not checked the second time? Can we expect that after a full scan of the system Adaware Antivirus will be faster to check the files after that and less to burden the CPU?
  6. I tried Comodo Firewall + Adaware Antivirus Free in my work. No problems so far, Can I download the offline Adware Antivirus Free12? It's just not clear whether version 13.14 is compatible
  7. Hello Immediately sorry if not everything is clear - English is not my native language Help to understand - will there be a conflict if you install 2 programs: Comodo Firewall + Adaware Antivirus Free? In Comodo Firival there is no antivirus: there is only HIPS + Firewall