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  1. Cecilia: No. when I tried to log in, I couldn't even have it send me a new password, bc it said my old one recorded YESTERDAY was wrong. I finally created a new account just like the old one, and it let me in. Now, In MyAdaware, I have 2 sections (NO tabs), "Register License" (register your BOX COPY software)and "Logout". I guess I need a new key, or to go get some other software that can actually be registered and work. It shouldn't take, for FREE DOWLOAD SOFTWARE, signing up to a forum and asking for help to get the initial activation key, when you've just done an update to existing activated software. Please send me a key, and I'll try that.
  2. I keep trying to activate a V12 update to my existing Adaware. It says it's expired, so I have it re-send the activation key. I do that, and the process goes all the way to the boxes to plug the key into once it's arrived. That key never arrives, re-sent many times, even scanned my USP's raw incoming email box. NOT THERE. Not in spam or junk. - even though joining this group, and using the same email account to do that, resulted in immediate emails from you to me. Why can't I have a V12 free activation key?