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  1. Did a Quick scan, included only toady logs in archive
  2. Daily scan still find a miner as a virus and removes it
  3. Folder scan(right click in explorer -> Scan with Adaware Antivirus) completed and miner is not detected
  4. Daily scan still removes miner and it also removes miner when it has a freezed gpu thread. Daily scan report attached adaware_Report_Quick_Automatic_29.09.2017 120042.xml
  5. I switch AV to disabled few days ago, now I changed the state to active againg and rechecking, will let you know later
  6. AV continue to remove the miner during daily scan
  7. I've downloaded Adaware Free with this link Tried to install. but installer says that i already have new version or i should uninstall it and try to install again?
  8. Right now i'm using Adaware Antivirus Free version 12.1.856.11526. Previously I added to exclusion list whole disk and miner folder where miner executable is located. But AV removed my file even when Real-time protection is disabled. Virus was detected when process is running and some software crash is happening(because of opencl thread freezing), i think your AV detects this as a strange behaviour and removes the file. Now i've added full path including file name to exclusion list, we'll see.
  9. The problem is that antvirus removes miner executable file and i need to copy it every time again and again. Gen:Variant.Symmi.64984 found in a keygen executable i guess, so it's not dangerous
  10. Report in attachment. Plus I have a question: exclusion does not work when av detects mining software. Any help? Software links:!O4YA2JgD!n2b4iSHQDruEsYUvTQP5_w!P0ZjFDjC!Cmb-ZRqlbAnNrajRtp4zvA!PxJXBD5T!zj1GJ7zkmvqfo3yd2mis-Q!vhB2BCIA!ZuBRI_YyP-SztQnINK6xkA!Hg4g1bLT!4Upg8GNiEZYCaZ04XVh_yg!e4JVEAIJ!l1iF4z10fMyJzY5-LnyC2A Report: adaware_Report_Full_Manual_14.09.2017 212130.xml