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  1. It has been 3 weeks since this problem was reported and I wonder if Lavasoft has any interest in supporting its customers. The problem prohibits me from using their software and that is of major concern to me but the solution has to be relatively simply as it only requires the input of a license key. I am thinking it would be better to write-off my payment to Lavasoft and get alternative software where the parent company really does support its customer base. Anyone care to comment?
  2. Hi CeliaB Thanks for answering my inquiry. I have a paid license for antivirus pro which is valid to October 2018. When I try activation, I enter the License Key and get the reply "Activation Failed"; obviously this key has been used before on my old (and now dead) computer, but I cannot find any way to tell Adaware what I am trying to do.
  3. After advising Adaware that I had forgotten my password I was referred to the following web link which instantly came up "403 Forbidden", using Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
  4. I have had to upgrade my PC to a new one and I cannot enter the License Key as it was used on my previous, now dead, computer. How does one go about this situation?