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  1. After 3 restarts and multiple opens/closes of the program in Task Manager I was finally able to get it to accept my activation key AND update the virus definitions, for the most part. Thank you for taking time to read / moderate the boards.
  2. currently I am getting a "service is unavailable" notice. As soon as that clears up, hopefully soon, I will re-enter my activation code and update you. Thank you.
  3. I am a current paid subscriber for Adaware Pro and as of this morning I have been 12 days without virus definition updates nor the software working in any form. Upon doing some research I discovered that Windows 10 did an update on Dec 20th, in the AM, which is about the time things would have stopped working. Anyway I had to do a complete PC reset and delete all files and settings. I went to download a copy of Adaware Pro from the website and they are saying that I have to purchase another subscription, I see nowhere on the site to inform them at download that I have a key and that I am a current subscriber so I downloaded the free version thinking I could insert my key in the activation area and it would all the Pro to download and operate....not so. Please help. Thank you in advance