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  1. Same problem here. Stuck at 2 days ago. This is ridiculous. If this problem isn't solved, i'm going to cancel my account with your company and purchase a more reliable anti-virus program.
  2. The last time this happened was a year ago and it happened over the holidays and it was a problem with your servers. I didn't have to uninstall and reinstall anything because the problem was at YOUR end.
  3. I'm having the same issues you are. Exact same software, exact same definitions version. Whomever is responsible for this is asleep at the switch again!
  4. It's fine now. But i'm still gonna watch it with a degree of scepticism. Your company put a lot of people's computers at risk of infection because of this cock-up and dragged your feet fixing it. I will have to reconsider if I want to re-up another year with your company because of this.
  5. I got a BIG update yesterday. However, it's not updating when I tell it to check for updates. Are definition updates like once a day or something? Or are we gonna have to go through days of no updates only to get a big update when enough people complain?
  6. Paid user here. This outage for 7 days now is not acceptable. If this problem isn't solved by the end of this week, i'm going to be an ex-paid user, as in uninstall your program and BUY a reliable antivirus program. This is no way to treat your clients, let alone run a business.