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  1. Update on my install. I ran Adaware and it did find 7 viruses of the ones that started this whole thing for me. They were in a directory named "Windows.old". Apparently the install didn't delete the WIndows that was on the drive but renamed it. Adaware then deleted them where I couldn't do it. So, all is far! Murray
  2. I was able to install a new version of Win. 10 and it is up & running with no sign of the virus....(If I believed in a god, I would thank him.. but I have you to thank.) When the install started, it gave me a few options & I selected the one to not save anything. So it ran and when finished, it had deleted all the Programs but didn't delete all the other files on my HDD. A shock but not a disappointment. Of course it is always a long process to restore all progams but that is for the best. A good cleanout pays off. Unfortunately, I didn't think to save my bookmarks in Firefox but I had an older version that had many of them except for the ones I saved from the last couple of months. So Thanks again Cecilia, Murray
  3. Actually, what happened was that the windows.iso file on a dvd was not recognized by my computer as a boot device so I unzipped the file to a DVD using Winrar and just ran the setup., which is running now. I do hope it continues to run which it appears to be doing. (I attached the latest RogueKiller report.) Murray Scan_1_29_2018.txt
  4. Hi Cecilia, I've decided to just reinstall windows and not spend more time cleaning. But I did run RogueKiller one more time & attached the report. I downloaded the Windows ISO from the infected computer and created the DVD to boot from. Di you work for AdAware? Thanks for your help so far, Murray
  5. I reran the RogueKiller and deleted all the threats it indicated. Nothing changed. This virus is very strong. I have Adaware installed and It won't let me install AVG over it. It also won't let me restore Windows 10 or install from a new download of Windows 10. I think that the only solution is to format my HDD and start from scratch. Problem is, I will have to buy a new Windows 10 because I don't have a product key from my update from windows 8. In task manager, the number of occurrances gets as high as 240, at which time I must reboot. Murray
  6. Hi CelciiaB, Thanks for your help. It appears that neither of the programs found any virus though the RougueKiller did produce some names that seemed suspect. But per your instructions, I didn't do anything. I,ve attached the reports for both of the programs. Any suggestions for me or am I just to reinstall Windows? Thanks, Murray Scan Report 1_28_2018.txt TDSSKiller.
  7. I got this virus and found that it was comprised of at least 5 different names. It starts playing music & people talking. I couldn't start Adaware & tries to do a new download of it which I couldn't run. I went into RegEdit and deleted all occurrences of the names that I could find. The files were loaded today so I tried to load an earlier version of the registry but couldn't find that function in Windows 10. It appears that it isn't available in Windows 10. Has anyone else experienced this? Addition.txt FRST.txt