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  1. But I'm not getting e-mail notifications, even though I checked the box when I first posted my question. No, Windows hasn't crashed in ages. Thanks for passing on my problem to the development team and for relaying their response to me.
  2. Somebody needs to look into why notifications of new posts aren't sent. To answer your question, never, unless Windows crashes, which is very rare.
  3. It worked for a very short time and then all kinds of problems started to occur again. Obviously, it's not practical to keep uninstalling and reinstalling Ad Blocker.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I was supposed to be notified by e-mail when a reply was posted, but that didn't happen, so I didn't realize you'd answered me. Preliminary results indicate that your suggestion worked. I'll only return here if I experience further problems. Thank you!
  5. With Ad Blocker installed in FF, right-clicking on a link and clicking on Open Link in New Tab results in the new tab being swatted away by Ad Blocker. I'm at a loss to explain why others haven't complained about this. Sure, it's not that hard to turn off Block pop-ups in Ad Blocker in order to open the new tab, but it becomes a pain for anyone who needs to do that often.