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  1. Thank you both again, I will follow your advice to keep adaware along with Panda. Regards, Jack
  2. Hello again, I apologise for my late reply. I followed the instructions above (fully removed all antiviruses, rebooted and installed adaware free with all definition updates and activated it). The scan showed no infections (all clean). I attach the files of the scan. Moreover, I also executed FRST64 file and attach the relevant files. Most likely it was a conflict between Panda and Adaware. Thank you again for your help and your patience, Jack adaware_Report_Full_Manual_30-4-2018 31554 μμ.xml Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  3. File uploaded to dropbox. The link is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1yu4sdwutco1ct2/CCleaner64.exe?dl=0
  4. Hello, I cannot attach Ccleaner64.exe because upload fails and a message appears ( There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 ). I have also tried to zip it for less space but to no avail. Could you please explain that CCleaner was compromised last year ? I have just uninstalled Microsoft Essentials. How do I uninstall Panda without losing the license information? (Thus I can install it again). I have emptied temp folder. Thank you for your reponse P.S. I could send the file via email. If this is safe and possible please provide with an email adress.
  5. I know it is not recommended to keep two antiviruses installed. I will uninstall essentials tomorrow. I have already downloaded and used MS Safety Scanner which reported everything is Ok. I am waiting a response from Artem. Still, thanks for the help.
  6. Thank you again for your reply. Regarding your remarks I have done the following: 1) There are two antiviruses installed now: Panda and Microsoft Essentials. I will keep Essentials for a while and if there are no infections or alerts I will uninstall it as well. Adaware has been uninstalled. 2)Flash control has been uninstalled. Instead, i have activated Panda Safe Web. Adobe flash and Shockwave have been installed with automatic updates on. 3)I have followed the instructions and attached the relevant file. 4)I am relieved that it is a false positive. Again, thank you. Jack Fixlog.txt
  7. Thank you for the quick reply, i have attached 5 files: 1)the latest adaware scan report, 2)a jpeg image of adaware notification, 3-5) the three files derived from using FRST. To answer your questions: 1) The detection alert appears after every adaware scan. 2) PostgreSQL is not installed (checked registry, program files and program files (x86) folders). 3) Also, i have run full scans in safe mode with microsoft security essentials, panda, malwarebytes free , microsoft office scan, windows defender offline. All showed everything is fine (no infection). P.S. I know it is not recommended to have 3 antiviruses installed at the same time but I installed microsoft security essentials to double check panda and adaware. adaware_Report_Full_Manual_28-4-2018 93940.xml Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  8. Hello, I have a windows 7 sp1 64 bit computer. I have 2 antiviruses installed, panda internet security 2017 and adaware free as secondary, for almost a month. Since yesterday everything was fine. Today while panda shows no infected files adaware keeps showing a virus which it is always deleted but reappears on every scan. The last report is listed below: <ScanInfo EndTime="20180427T234233.669413" StartTime="20180427T233545.669413" ScanType="Full" ScanMode="Manual"/> <InfectedObjects> ω<InfectedObject ThreatName="DeepScan:Generic.PWStealer.9ED5576A" ThreatType="Virus" ObjectStatus="Deleted" InnerObject="" ParentContainers="" ObjectPath="<System>=>VirtMem Region Dump 0x8db0000 + 4000 [7684] (pgexec dump)" ObjectType="Process"/> Also, I noticed that panda at the time of the infection was temprorarily disabled (no antivirus, firewall, monitoring). I have run the following scans: Panda, adaware (full), malwarebytes free (full), microsoft office scan (full), windows defender offline (full), microsoft essentials (quick) both in normal and in safe mode but the virus keeps appearing. Please advice on how I should proceed. Thank you, Jack P.S. I apologise for my bad english because it is not my native language. S <Sc