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  1. Hi Cecilia Thanks for your step by step guide. I followed all instructions first uninstalling, then complete removal with the tool and then reinstalling in compatibility mode. I ran the scan again and this time the same two 'viruses' as in the last scan which would not delete are still present and again they failed to delete. Thanks as always and any other options to look at. Tariq
  2. Hi Cecilia From reading the other thread it seems that I will need to run Adaware in 'compatible mode' if I want to have it installed with Panda - another anti-virus software. To your knowledge does this makes sense and if it is correct can you advise as to how I can activate the compatible mode function in the Adaware control panel. Thanks again Tariq
  3. Hi Cecilia Thank you for following this up Will check out the thread too. I have panda av installed aswell Best wishes Tariq
  4. Thanks CeciliaB for such a quick response. I will look out for a response on Monday hopefully.
  5. HI R.E: ThreatType="Virus" ThreatName="DeepScan:Generic.PWStealer.9ED5576A The aforementioned 'virus' has been found on my computer in the last couple of days. I normally run Adaware quick virus scans on my computer at least 2-3 times a week and usually, there is no problem, a desktop for university work, always comes out clean without no viruses. In the last 5 days though: I ran a quick scan (scan 1) in which two viruses of similar names, including the aforementioned one in the subject heading, were detected but only one was able to be deleted. The 2nd the virus named ThreatName="DeepScan:Generic.PWStealer.9ED5576A" would not delete annoyingly though. I tried a quick scan again, (scan 2) and still the same issue it would not delete. I tried a quick scan a third time (scan 3), this time updating to the latest Adaware and updating definitions which it normally does automatically and this time it did delete; result! Just to check it had deleted, I ran a quick scan again the next day (Scan4) and now not only did the ThreatName="DeepScan:Generic.PWStealer.9ED5576A" return, but the first virus which did delete the first time in scan 1, now is back too and now both will not delete. Annoyingly these virus are mostly not deleting or returning straight after being deleted. I attach all 4 scan reports if that helps anyone. Hopefully, someone can advise me as to what I should do or direct me to someone in the Adaware tech support team/email who may be able to help. If I have posted this in the wrong part of the forum then my apologies, I will grateful for any advice as to where I should post it. Thanks in Advance Tariq adaware_Report_Quick_Manual_07-05-2018 233643.xml adaware_Report_Quick_Manual_08-05-2018 125754.xml adaware_Report_Quick_Manual_10-05-2018 134401.xml adaware_Report_Quick_Manual_11-05-2018 125707.xml