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  1. not that i can remember.. i tried to install adaware in a vm on my pc.. had the same issue as well
  2. Nope, no proxy, no VPN. My PC connects to the router via LAN, and through the router out. The update of definitions was working previously.
  3. Hi, Tried what is mentioned. But i still get the same error.
  4. Hi, Uploaded and here's the link:
  5. Thanks. Here's the link:
  6. Thanks for the response. Took me some time, and here's what's requested. However, the adaware anti virus folder is 125MB, which i cant upload here....
  7. Hi, I am running windows 10 and using ad aware anti virus 12. recently i found that the definition files are not updated and it is unable to update as well. I ended up un-installing ad aware and re-installing it. However, after installation and registration, it is still unable to download the definition files. I get an error prompt saying "Definitions could not be updated. Something prevented the definitions from updating." Is it my PC is infected? What can i do to resolve this issue?