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  1. Here's how I resolved the problem: After trying to get all the fixes to work, but getting nothing but errors, I went to Lavasoft folder and re-installed the program from there (they have an installer there), then removed the program again, re-configured my firefox settings (such as open closed tabs when re-opening firefox) and restarted computer. The Lavasoft folder is gone, the error message is gone, so I hope it worked. Lavasoft and it's staff are useless. The only one who deserves some recognition is CeciliaB, for trying to help people... and she's a volunteer. I hope I never have to come here again and I'll be sure to spread the word of this scummy company.
  2. Just like everyone else, I accidentaly installed this malware and I got this pop up (Webcompanion.UI.AppCore.Services.InstallerService exception) after I uninstalled. Nothing suggested here has helped but I do have the FRST log files to PM, if someone is able to help out. Really scummy operation from an adware "removal" company. I should be working, but this crap is messing with my computer. Also, thanks for hijacking my browser. Re-install won't work, the app doesn't show up in remove program list, KomodiaFix gives error, all webcompanion files are still present in directory.