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  1. Hi Cecilia, This issue has already been sorted out. I sent these screenshots for your perusal since I forgot to attach them in my earlier communication.
  2. Hi Ceclia These are the two popups on Start up of my Windows 7. The first one is before uninstalling Lavasoft and the second one is after uninstalling the Lavasoft.
  3. I didn't find exe file of WebCompaninon anywhere and I am satisfied with the actions of our system admin.
  4. Unfortunately the exe file C:\Program Files\Lavasoft was deleted by my system admin. Now the popup "Another instance is running. The type initializer for 'WebCompanion.UI.AppCore.Service.InstallerService' threw an exception." doesn't come while startup my system.
  5. I found the file in C:\Program Files\Lavasoft but it is not found in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features. I the exe file should be deleted from program files as it is hidden in control panel.
  6. When I start my system I got this notification stating ‘Another instance is running’ ‘object reference not set to an instance of an object.’ I removed Lavasoft. Now I get this popup while starting the system: Another instance is running. The type initializer for 'WebCompanion.UI.AppCore.Service.InstallerService' threw an exception. Please do the needful to correct this. I tried to remove it but could not find ‘Web Companion’ in add remove program in my Windows 7.