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  1. I can't do this until this evening, however I am very concerned that me stopping this Lavasoft Installer from popping up each time I open my browser requires downloading something else, especially something that is used to remove viruses. Do you not think this suggests something very invasive and problematic with Web Companion? It hasn't been installed, it constantly keeps trying to install itself and I would like to know where this file is located so I can remove it without it installing. If you can provide me with a list of partners you have become bloatware with, I can try and do it myself?
  2. Hi, Can you tell me where the installer files might be located? Whenever I go onto my browser I get an installer for Lavasoft Web Companion come up. I DO NOT WANT THIS PRODUCT. How do I delete this installer? I also have no clue where it came from and understand that you brand yourself as an antivirus...yet work a lot like a virus.