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  1. Absolutely ridiculous. All you had to do was make it so the program could update within itself. Instead, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour after I turn my computer on, I'd get that stupid pop-up forcing itself onto the top of my screen, telling me "almost complete! Just click here to update!" I'd be in the middle of a game, and it would completely screw me over. So whatever. I'd click the button, and then it forces open Microsoft Edge, even though Chrome is set to my default browser and literally everything else opens Chrome, and then in Edge it tells me that I have to click somewhere to download the update. What? No. This is 2018. The program should be able to download updates without forcing open some browser that I don't use. The program should realize that it has an update immediately after it starts. The program should not be forcing a stupid update notification to top priority. There are too many other good unintrusive antivirus options out there to put up with this. Yes, those may be small issues. Yes, I could have downloaded the update from the website. But if my antivirus can't handle those simple things on its own, then I'm not going to trust it with the security of my computer. Get real.