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  1. There are no pop-ups, thankfully. It just seems to remove this file over and over, despite it already being removed before: as if the file keeps showing back up on my PC, even if it's wiped off by BD. It's good to know that my computer is safe, thank you so much for your help! Thank you for the explanation. It's reassuring knowing that my computer is protected. I turned off the antivirus so I could use another virus scanning program, it is turned back on now. Thank you for your concern and help, it means a lot, you guys!
  2. This was done while I was playing a game. It just popped up on BitDefender telling me that they had deleted a file that was a Trojan: yet I have not noticed any ads or difficulties on my browsers, nor do I notice any missing files. There is the full scan it sent me in the image pinned below In order for me to send the file over, I have to restore it back to my computer: won't it attack my computer if I restore it, however? How am I able to send it over here without the restored Trojan doing damage?
  3. My antivirus scanner keeps telling me JS:Trojan.Cryxos.1257 is in my system and has been removed, yet it comes back a day later. Apparently this is dangerous and will affect my browser and files safety, so if any of you can let me know how to fix it, and get this trojan off my computer, let me know please! Here are the files the help forum told me to add: Thank you. FRST.txt Addition.txt