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  1. No, I understand that you are a volunteer. But you are the only voice of adaware available and you are the voice of adware answering forum posts. You got the titel moderator because of this relationship. And no, YOU have not given me does instructions. Those instructions are from Adaware and you are currently representing them, hence the "you". I am glad you come of so easy, judging by the numerous posts both on this forum and, if you google web companion, the webb overall. You quickly realize that there is something fishy going on juding by the vast amount of articles addressing the issue of trying to get rid of the program. If there is smoke, there is most likely a fire. But I will leave you alone. I am sure you will soon enough have your hands full with some new other upset "customer" who found themself with your program on their PC, trying to get rid of it. I wish you a good day and may fortune smile opon you.
  2. Seriously, you are creating programs that needs a system restore to get rid of? I dont care if it sneaked it's way into my PC from utorrent och somewhere else (shame on me for not suspecting your intrusion), the real problem is that you are intentionally making it hard to remove. If that is Adaware business strategy, I call that sad and pathetic. Any respectable company would have an uninstall option, like normal. Instead you are going for downloading zipfiles and install new program to remove programs and then remove specific files manually (that does not exists where the instructions said they should) and if nothing else works: system restore... I have three weeks of unrestorable work on this PC, code that I need to rewrite from scratch, SSH keys that needs to be recreated, and so on and so on. Just because I need to restore my PC because Adaware is a piece of crap company that tries to snare costumers by making it supercomplicated to get rid of it. I will have to wait until after New Year when this work is done, then I will gladly restore my PC. From hence forward, I will shame Adaware when ever there is a chance. I will tell people of how they have the cheesy strategy to make it super complicated to remove software that will find yourself into your PC if your are not paying attention, and that it is a company for not having the decency to make a normal program with a normal uninstall. Instead they blame the third party, because that how I got it on my PC, and is totally trying to move the topic from "why is it so wierd and hard to uninstall?" to "you should have been more carefull when installing something else. Shame on you....
  3. Hello all. I decided to download utorrent and I now regret so much I am now considering reinstalling my entire computer, because that seems to be the only way to get rid of sneaky software like web companion. A question for Lavasoft/Adaware: are your products so unwanted that you need to not only sneak it into peoples computer, it is also obvious that you do not want to make it easy to remove. 1. Tried to normally "remove program" that you find on windows. Not working, says that web companion does not have an app on the computer? What? (windows 10) 2. When I google it I find answers från this very webpage that asks you do do things in cmd, and manually remove files (that didnt exists on my computer) Edit: 2.1. also found a post on this forum that asks you to install a program to remove the program and then later manually remove 2 files.... I mean wtf? include and uninstall like normal decent companies. 3. Why is this so hard? Why on Earth do you develop a program that you intentionally want us to have troubles removing? I call that cheesy... This has to be illegal to some degree? Please adware, get some honor in your company and stop making forcefull software that keeps hijacking me to Bing unless I repeatingly tells it to stop. But it keeps finding its way back....rinse repeat.... If I like your product I will keep it. I would even buy it... but his... this is disgusting!!! HOW THE HELL DO I GET RID OF WEB COMPANION????????????