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  1. Hi CeciliaB Discovered that TextPad 7 was installed around mid 2017 - went back to about a month ago for system restore, and had to uninstall TextPad 7 again, and then reset & reinstall a few things. All seems to be OK at the moment! :) Many Thanks, RJB.
  2. OS is Windows 10. I opened a .java file using TextPad 7 (now removed). After this all the shortcuts to .exe files had the 'Run as Administrator' option deselected and they were all being opened by TextPad 7 as editable files. After uninstalling TextPad 7 I did a workaround on the shortcuts in the Taskbar by going through them one-at-a-time and re-selecting the 'Run as Administrator' option, and then did the same with any other .exe shortcuts that I could find on the computer, but there still seem to be some shortcuts that I haven't found as I get a dialog coming up every now and then that asks if 'this' .exe file should be opened with TextPad (without saying what .exe file it's referring to). Also, I have to manually start a number of .exe files, including Adaware, that used to be opened on startup, but no longer are. I don't know if this is some sort of malware, although I'm assuming that there must have been a trojan, or similar, that embedded itself recently in TextPad 7 - I'm sure that I've used it without any problems in the past. Also, I've done a complete scan with Adaware, and it didn't come up with anything! Any help with this would be appreciated.