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  1. Hi to All, worked with Adaware support team. Last recommendation they suggested to update to latest "definition file" after submitting log file and ".NFO" file from my pc configuration. Nice outcome, after updating to the latest definition file it has fixed the scan issue on all my 3 PC. Great news. Discovered great forum and lot of constructive post. Thanks to everyone! François
  2. Received feedback from Adaware. They suggested to run the "repair" from the Add/Remove Programs when you choose "Modify" instead of "Uninstall". Just run it, the process of repair completed with however the issue still persist. When the scan function work, it shows which files it scans ... with the issue nothing scan even if the progress bar reach 99.9%. Sounds a deeper problem. I've tried before complete uninstall and it did not solve the issue. I think it is normal that the repair did not fix the issue. Adaware-repair.pdf
  3. I've tried the removal tool instead of uninstall from Windows and got the same results: Scan is stuck in infinite loop. In order to remove the Adaware software it must be disabled. If the software is stuck in the scan I figure it out that it takes from 1-2 reboot to stop it before being able to disable Adaware and ready to be remove. I've opened a ticket at Adaware ... hoping that this will be solve in a near future. By the time just run without it.
  4. Thanks CeciliaB for quick response. I've attached here the log files.
  5. I had to renew my license keys in the last few days on my 3 computers. Got the same issue that what it is described here. The scan function doesn't appears to be able to scan. Just did a fresh install after many reboot to kill this scan process. Here was my case: 1- Working well 2- Update the license key 3- Unable to perform full or quick scan (no files reported in the Current Scan Target) 4- Needs at least two reboots to kill the scan process 5- disable Adaware Antivirus PRO 6- Remove the applications and reboot 7- Did a fresh install and reboot 8- add my licenses keys and update definitions 9- Still have the scan issue Sounds like a software bug ... quite annoying, hopefully it will be solve rapidly by Adaware. I have 3 licenses for Antivirus PRO all 3 computers show the same problem. Thanks! François