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  1. Kven

    License Key

    I just realize now that each license key is only use per PC when I double checked the order process, because it used to be per 3 PC used and did not know that it has changed for 1 PC. Thank you for your help and info. again! Cheers.
  2. Kven

    License Key

    Thank you and looking forward for the feedback.
  3. Kven

    License Key

    Hi CeciliaB, I have pm you the email address and the license key which couldn't activate my other computers. This is to confirm with you that if the message is received. Thanks.
  4. Kven

    License Key

    Hello CeciliaB, I have submitted the email regarding to the license key issue for activation on my secondary computer, but I have not heard from the Adaware support tech since receiving the email for "Your request (478768) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff." Please also see attached screen cap content and wondering if you would be able to provide further assist on this license key issue. Thanks again. Kven
  5. Kven

    License Key

    Hi Cecilia B Thanks for the info, I am trying to contact the adaware support tech by email. Hopefully getting this resolve soon.
  6. Kven

    License Key

    I just purchase Adaware Antivirus Pro and entered the new license key to my desktop computer. However, when I entered the license key to my laptop it could not activate the Adaware Antivirus Pro. i thought it is capable for up to 3 pc per user license key, please confirm. Thanks
  7. After the latest definition update the scan is now working fine. Thanks for everyone's info update. Cheers!
  8. Thank you for your information and looking forward to have the all the issues resolved asap from the techs.
  9. Hi, I am having the same issue since late last week after the definition update and both quick and full scan function were not able to complete at 1 second left in scan with the "Adaware Antivirus Pro" version in Window 7 Home Premium - 64bit It appears to be a software bug, please provide update to solve this issue immediately. Thank you.