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  1. make the install process easier. It should be a matter of installing and rebooting once. Every time I've installed adaware in 3 laptops and 1 desktop, it always fails on the first install. In any case, make this process easier - some how - through a re-design and not through a patch or software fix.
  2. I've rebooted in between my removal tool / uninstall attempts. I will chime in if I do use the FRST tool.
  3. I haved the same computer and adaware for several years now. I think when it switched from adaware 11 to 12, that's when the issues started to become more obvious. I have not optimized my registry or any cleaners. I like to keep things minimal.
  4. Also, if for some miracle it dos download the web installer, In the middle of the installation, a Pop Up with an X shows with a message: "Uninstallation Error: Adaware Antifvirus has encountered an error during uninstallation. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please close the program and try uninstalling it again" Which I did before and ending up being unable to re-install the program. Why does it take so much time and effort to install this software?
  5. Here's what's been done so far from the previous attempt: - Downloaded and installed the stand alone installer - had issues with downloading new web installer when prompted to update - Uninstalled adaware and used removal tool and rebooted. - Used the Install.exe and updated adaware the normal way (downloading through the internet - At this point, everything worked fine for a couple of weeks until Adware Requested another update! -- Attempted to update software through link in Pop up: failed to update new installer -- Attempted to update through Notification Center: failed to update to new installer - Uninstalled adaware, and used removal tool again and rebooted. - Went to website, clicked on adaware free install.exe - Received "failed to update new installer" - Went to adaware and re-installed stand alone installer - As of now, all my options are still "failed to update new installer" - As far as I remember, this issue first happened near the beginning of 2019. Perhaps there's been a change in adaware's way of distributing file data? - I'll just stick with the old version, this stand alone until this is fixed. The spam I have been receiving to update is horrendous!
  6. I uninstalled adaware, tried to download the new install.exe on the website, it still keeps error-ring out!
  7. Any reason Why I'm getting this? I tried downloading it through the app and the I tried using a separate Adware Installer.exe Now the app keeps spamming me with "New version available" I need help fixing this before I give up on adaware.
  8. Hi, the issue with the update has been taken care of. I think the main issue with the updates was the stand-alone installer that I had downloaded and installed. It was a file near 843 MB. After I uninstalled that version, I ran the Adware Installer (smaller file and not a stand-alone). I recommend the stand alone version be looked at by your labs group for any issues. Thank you.
  9. If you can ask them about the failure messages first thing on the weekday, that will be appreciated.
  10. I also got a popup prompting me to finish. These are the message boxes I receive when I accept: downloading new web installer... Error: Couldn't download new web installer
  11. I tried a work around: In the notification tab, there is a link to "Software Update." A box pops up with the following messages (in this order): downloading web installer downloading updater.. Error Couldn't download updater What would cause this error?
  12. I resolved my issue with activation (gmail doesn't get the key but yahoo accounts do!) After I successfully updated my account, I still do not get updates! The application does not give me any feedback.
  13. I did not find the key in the spam folder. Please send the activation key or fix this issue so I may be able to get it.
  14. When I click "Check for updates" it does not give me anything back and goes back to "Check for updates" Is this normal? Also my software is not activated because it will not e-mail me my activation code. Does that affect the "Check for updates" ?
  15. The activation key is not sending to my e-mail address. Please send me an activation key.