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  1. Already using both google dns,
  2. Still not working, just tried to download the newest version and still get error about web server.
  3. Its not a DNS issue. I received an email from adaware stating that their engineers should have it up and running this weekend. This is the email i got back from them Charlie (Adaware) Apr 2, 20:26 EDT Hi Kevin, Thank you for contacting customer service. We can surely help you with your problem. According to the information that we got from our technical department, you will be able to download our antivirus this weekend. We are sorry for these inconveniences. Charlie Adaware Customer Support Specialist
  4. Trying to turn on real time protection and it keeps saying there is a problem try again. So i try to install a new version of adaware 12 from the website and get error saying "error: Couldn't get server web installer info". Any ideas what is going on with adaware?