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  1. thanks @ceciliaB for the effort ^^
  2. 1st line of defense, i changed my DNS to default, and reinstall i still cant update definitions
  3. here you are, sorry i didnt see the scan box, i though it was gray out FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Sorry LSAArtem what am i supposed to do with this program? i tried to look the help but it s over complicated
  5. yes, and yes i could download the .gzip
  6. then i have the error "something is preventing you from downloading the definitions"
  7. yes it block everytime at cernakrnl.xmv
  8. I managed to register for a reason, but i cant still update the definitions
  9. Ok here you are, at 13.12 Also i tried to use Google DNs to download the definitions but still couldnt
  10. err no i dont remeber, wanna me to check now and reupload the logs?
  11. i went to logs directory and just upload those