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  1. Is there any way to get someone to actually answer the support emails? I have been waiting for a response to my last email almost a Month. Also, now I see there are Both, the Pro and Total versions on my page as yearly plans with the same end date of 05/21, as well as PC Cleaner....I can't get Adaware to activate to Pro version, or ACTIVATE at all, I am not wanting to pay for 3 Yearly plans for NO Service or support.
  2. Thank You. I am now fully in contact With Customer support. Much appreciated for all the help and Your Volunteering.
  3. I contacted Support via Email, they suggested I uninstall both PC Cleaner and Adaware Free (as I can't get it to activate), and re-install them, I tried installing both and signing in, the PC Cleaner WILL activate and sign in, the Adaware 12 will not sign in with either my email address, or (as the program suggests) through Google... I did just that, and it will not activate. I need to have this program start to work. I want my protection I have paid for over many, Many Years. Please help!
  4. I tried to sign in with Both my Adaware login info and my Google, it says "error try signing into with Google", when I attempt that, I get "error Null" something or other. I cannot log into or get my Program back
  5. I am a user of Total version 12, I recently updated and upgraded to the latest version and updated subscription to be good til may of 2020. I have the "Privacy Toolbox" installed on my computer, I upgraded my subscription from Pro to Total, (a Long while ago) when I try to use the functions of the Total program, such as "Shred or Encrypt" I am taken to the "Toolbox" opening screen saying it needs to be updated, and that my subscription has ended. I was under the impression that the program or at least the options the program gives such as encryption and shred were included in the Total Antivirus program. Why am I getting a message that I need to renew my subscription for a fee of $29.00 after I have paid for the "Adaware Antivirus Total"? I found out this problem when I tried to use the shred feature on a folder. Anyone have a clue as to why this is happening or what I can do to fix this? Thanks a Bunch and I hope others have a great day. Do I have to uninstall the "Toolbox" and reinstall the Antivirus again? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies or has any ideas.