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  1. I am a user of Total version 12, I recently updated and upgraded to the latest version and updated subscription to be good til may of 2020. I have the "Privacy Toolbox" installed on my computer, I upgraded my subscription from Pro to Total, (a Long while ago) when I try to use the functions of the Total program, such as "Shred or Encrypt" I am taken to the "Toolbox" opening screen saying it needs to be updated, and that my subscription has ended. I was under the impression that the program or at least the options the program gives such as encryption and shred were included in the Total Antivirus program. Why am I getting a message that I need to renew my subscription for a fee of $29.00 after I have paid for the "Adaware Antivirus Total"? I found out this problem when I tried to use the shred feature on a folder. Anyone have a clue as to why this is happening or what I can do to fix this? Thanks a Bunch and I hope others have a great day. Do I have to uninstall the "Toolbox" and reinstall the Antivirus again? Thanks in advance to anyone who replies or has any ideas.