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  1. I followed your instructions to add the debug level, restarted my computer, and performed the custom scan. The log files for the developers at adaware software are in "adaware" at and will be there for another 23 hours or until the first person downloads them. As always, when the custom scan is started, I see the complete scan (file names) of the first drive and do not see the second drive.
  2. For the Custom Settings, Smart Scan is not selected, all other options are. I am a newbie, there are no exclusions (yet).
  3. Yes, but when I select the second hard disk (F:\) nothing happens. If I right click and select "Scan with Adaware" for either the SSD (C:\) or the DVD (E:\) and open Adaware I can watch the files currently being scanned. Could the content (only music mp3 files) have anything to do with this behavior? The content size is 15.2 GB so I would expect it to take a noticeable time.
  4. 1. I already show hidden files. 2. The folder C:\ProgramData\adaware\adaware antivirus zips to a file size 208MB and is too large to send. Limit 9.77 MB 3. The folder C:\User\k9mil\AppData\Local\Temp does not contain any Msi* files. I regularly run Windows 10 "Clean Disk" program. 4. Yeah, this file uploaded, 5. How am I going to get the No. 2 information to you? Use Firefox Send? 32 information to you? Use Firefox Send?
  5. How can I scan a second hard disk with Adaware Free Antivirus? I installed the new 12.6 July 2019 and am running Windows 10. When I click on the "Scan" button it scans only the C drive. When I "Select Options" and choose "Full" it scans only the C drive. When I choose "Custom" and check the second hard disk it still scans only the C drive.