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  1. Ad-Aware stop working because the key get out of time. But I get no connection to the server to update. I still tested a free WLAN (fast), but the same problem. No Connection to the server. "Please try again later". I don'äät know why ?
  2. UMTS/ HSPA via Internet-Surf-Stick/ USB (O2/ Telefonica Germany/ E+). But different. Sometimes I have faster WLAN (in Hotel, Airports etc.)
  3. Same problem.... I type in the key and click 'send' Activation could not be completed. Please try again later. But all the years before it works fine.
  4. Version 12 is not compatible with my Operatings system (XP SP3)
  5. My key will go out of time shortly. The automatic window (call a new key) in Antivirus Free 11 doesn't work. The error "Can not get information - Please try again later' will appear. (Perhaps the internet speed is too slow.) I typed in my name and my email-adrtess correctly. Please can you send my y new key. Thank you.