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  1. I had the Adaware Total package, which included the file shredder program for the past year. When I got the download instructions I had to download and install the Total package, and then a separate key and download for the shredder. They also showed up as separate icons on my home screen. But everything worked just as it should have. Recently it came time to renew, which I did, but couldn't figure out how to get the shredder program. After many back and forth with support, they informed my that the shredder didn't come with the Total package, so I asked for and received a refund. I now have a different program, which I don't really care for. When I go to the Adaware website and check out the comparisons for the different packages, they still list the shredder program as included in the Total package. I don't understand at all. Has anyone else ever encountered something like this?