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  1. Hi Cecilia, Thank you for the information. I got a faster answer from you than the 'Official' Adaware support channel. Hoping that they correct the bug fast.
  2. Hi, I tried passing by the program/Help Center/Contact Support, fill out the form and send it. But a popup message appears saying 'Loading' with a rotating graphic. It does that and nothing else. Thats the reason im trying to get some info on this forum.
  3. Hi all, Since the last Adaware Pro software update to 12.7.1052.0 I receive my e-mails but with no Subject ot Text, all is empty. If I turn OFF e-mail protection, all is OK. It does this with Windows LIve E-mail 2012 and Thunderbird 68.2.2 I unistalled Adaware Pro 12.7.1052.0 and reinstall version 12.6.997.11652 and e-mails are now OK. I'm getting the Software Update Available popups, but I wont update since the e-mail Protection is bugged. Any ideas? Thank you.