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  1. Sorry for the delay in reply. I did indeed report the file to bitdefender on the 20th as you requested. Looks like they took care of it really quick. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Sure,
  3. A user made program for Guild wars 2, Gw2.Launchbuddy.exe , which has been out for some time suddenly started being flagged and auto deleted just recently. Its a program to assist with managing and logging in with multiple accounts of an MMORPG. Its claiming the file is a Trojan.GenericKD.32701310 . report attached. The file can be downloaded at and its source code is there as well. Specifically the version that I noticed was flagged was 1.9.3 Alpha. Maybe I am wrong and its been infected all this time... This is not exactly my field of expertise, however it had scanned as clean and passed the mmorpgs devs scrutiny in the past Any chance could you double check to see if this is a false positive or not? I'll keep an eye on this thread for the results. adaware_Report_ContextMenu_Manual_11-19-2019 15943 PM.xml