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  1. Hi all, i'm Nathalie, 41 Years, and my two daughter Romane (11 Years) & son Robin (8 years), we are located in Caudéran in Gironde in France, and we have in my two PCs one dozen problems: missed free space in C:/ makes impossible to install an System Recovery USB Disc with CyberLink Power2Go 12 contents all of C:/ in this Recovery USB disc, and the creation with CyberLink of the USB Disc support up to 28 Gb, it's a 32 Gb stick, and the solution is free up space to have maximum 25 or 27 Gb on used space to makes this USB Recovery Disc with theses CyberLink applications, Windows ADK Deployment Kit now installed, in the past, when my PC had 20 or 23 Gb used space, when i create the USB Recovery Disc with CyberLink Power2Go 11, i had an error message when 66% of progression, and on Ad-Aware USB Recue Disc (32Gb), when i boot on Ad-Aware Rescue Disc, the prompt Windows bug/blocks on "X:\Windows\system32>" or "C:\Windows\system32>" and then i press key is not working/blocks and here on this topic i search/seek with helpers solution to resolve bugs of theses two "AdAware"/"CyberLink Power2Go" USB Disks (both 32Gb) and the bugs with IPod touch plugged on the PC with on IPod bug on internet in IPod (internet problem) since i have Orange Livebox 4 with an message on IPod's screen in french words (please use Google translate here) says ""Vérification de l'identité du serveur impossible L'identité de <<>> ne peut être vérifiée par mail | Détails | Annuler" and coming soon posted here the pre_scan log from Compaq Desktop for/of "AdAware Rescue USB"/"CyberLink Power2Go Recovery USB", because impossible to post today this pre_scan log because of that Compaq PC blocks in black screen, but the captures of the IPod's bug from Galaxy Book "12 tactile PC posted below now on PC A: -IPod plugged (and installed Reincubate, iAmazing, PhoneBrowse, Paragon to try to assign partition/letter on IPod Touch) -AdAware (antivirus)/CyberLink Power2Go 11/12 installed -Comodo (antimalware)/many others CyberLink apps -Reimage repair on PC B: -plugged on two front USB ports the two "ADAware Rescue USB/CyberLink Power2Go Recovery USB" discs: -the dark purple USB disc is CyberLink Power2Go -the light purple USB Disc is AdAware Rescue Disc -Pre-Scan -AdAware (antivirus)/CyberLink Power2Go 13 Platinum trial (freeware) -Comodo (antimalware/firewall)/few others CyberLink apps -PC Purifier on two pc freezes on Systweak Software Updater then Systweak Software Updater crash when i go to appstore integrated of Systweak Software Updater to/for install essentials WinRar, Chrome, Systweak Smart Driver Care, CCleaner, Firefox, iTunes, ... the vin millesimé 2018 pseudo in this actual forum is because of my three events from may to summer 1/2 year ago in my cousin Jonathan's place in may 2018, in Passiflorart64 centre in july 2018 and in civil baptism of my danghter and my son in public garden in june 9th, 2018 (nostalgic) Thanks... Traduction: Bonjour à tous, nous somme Nathalie (41 ans), Romane & Robin (8 à 11 ans) nous habitons à Caudéran en France, des bugs niveau clés USB Récupération Systême CyberLink Power2Go/Ad-Aware Rescue Disc, manque d'espace sur C:/ pour Disque USB Récupération Systême CyberLink Power2Go 12 Platinum, & iPod (message d'erreur internet impossible sur IPod depuis que nous avions une Orange Livebox 4) Merci... the image of iPod error takes more than 10mb in total upload size, whichs causes impossible to upload on this post the capture of IPod's error message, the only captures uploaded for the moment is Systweak Software Updater's crash/freeze, whichs persists after all antivirus disabled, Thanks...