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  1. i accidentally downloaded and installed KMSPico in his official or unnoficial site (Karanpc, S0ft4pc, Malavida.com, ...) KMSPico is actually in on certains folders in my two computers, but i don't know where the folders name/path, Defender can replaced by AdAware on theses computers, the FRST uploaded is for the galaxy, upload now the frst of my HP desktop pc now, and the frst logs of HP desktop pc is at bottom on this post/my actual message on this topic: but i can't re-enable System Restore; it's bug i think the 370 Gb micro SDXC Card are infected... Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  2. our windows is legal we are fighting here against KMSPico, kmspico is installed but we don't have illegal office here frst of the first pc Shortcut.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. .;;and also adaware rescue disk (bootable 30Gb reversible micro usb) and Comodo rescue USB disk (30 GB) works not well on galaxy book pc and sometime since yesterday not recognized og galaxy book pc Thanks...
  4. Hi all, i'm Yaelle, 38 years, with teenage/young woman look, and i'm the mother of Tuan, Tuan is the godson of Nathalie, Nathalie is the cousin of Ou_i_du_sausoir, and i'm infected with KMSPico on my two computers, it's hard to remove it, KMSPico is always on my two computers, Thanks...