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  1. Tray application is informs if adaware antivirus is running or not / can you make Tray application icon inform that the computer is at risk
  2. Sorry, translate.google.com stupid/ I paid adaware pro at 2/8/2020 Today 02/20/2020 and i can not activated my license key/ When will the paid one year end ?
  3. Yes/ I understand and i see bugs in you profile :
  4. I check inbox, check spam/ No mail/ I'm very sad . From what date the calculation starts, from the date of payment or activation ?
  5. I can not Log in to "My adaware". I do not know the password , I use Password reminder : BUT: I do not receive mail. There may be a problem in the mail ? I can not register with my mail, on the forum, I get an error - I paid at 2/8/2020 adaware pro, but still have not received a license key. I'm crying/ p.s. sorry for my bad english.