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  1. Thanks. I saw this after in case you are interested.
  2. Well thanks a lot. Does this mean it's still in my computer just not notifying me anymore?
  3. I deleted that program I think. Anyway, for now things have stopped popping up cause I turned off the notifications for those two entities
  4. I am able to block notifications individually, so far i blocked two of the popups , centaur and keevid, which was the thing that i downloaded that started this i think, keevid being a way to download youtube videos
  5. So, I turned them off. Now what?
  6. I think did all that you said. I don't know if I got rid of Avira leftovers though and as we speak viruses are still popping up. Thanks for helping me, by the way. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. Here are the results of the can on frst, I was able to download it today FRST.txt
  8. I tried the 32 bit version, it said no permission
  9. I tried, it continues to be blocked with that message
  10. I can hardly find FRST to download, the page has a million ads and different things to download. That's why I think this is phony.
  11. That seems unrelated. I noticed that every popup has "" on it. It does seem like Norton is disabled. Could Windows Defender be stopping it?
  12. I have windows defender and atrial version of Norton
  13. FRST64.EXE WAS BLOCKED BECAUSE IT COULD HARM YOUR DEVICE, I don't know which program is doing that
  15. I downloaded that and scanned and quarantined but the popups still there
  16. My computer is blocking me from loading it because it says it can harm my device
  17. OK, it's full of ads and everything so looks suspicious. did you happen to see my other post to you? do you think I should use this bleeping computer software for it?
  18. I mean your instructions as to how to get rid of extremely difficult malware were from 2008. Are they still accurate? When I clicked on the link it looked like another thing to download that was going to attack me.
  19. I find your website to be very confusing. Anyway, I ran a full scan and it found two issues and I fixed them but my problem remains.  I am getting small popup box on right with all kinds of ads and virus alerts and when i click no, it then starts popping up full screen dating services and  models and all kinds of ##### andI just keep deleting them. if i just don't answer at all,  they go away and a new one pops up. I loaded a Norton anti virus which did nothing, then adaware pro and did a full scan overnight, but the popups are still coming.

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      Hi Gliebert,

      Please, to get help with cleaning your computer post in the forum Help with Stubborn Infections by following the instructions in the topic Read This Before You Post!.

  20. Why are you posting answers from 15 years ago?