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  1. Have you tried either/both 1) Stopping and restarting Adaware, 2) Doing a "cold" computer reboot (not a "restart" but shut-down and reboot).
  2. You can check out the results of scans by going to the "Scan" page then scroll down to do the following: pic-1 - You have for example "A)" a report list of manual scans or "B)" a report of scheduled scan where you can "View" a specific scan report for either of the two specific type scans. The "View" buttons will take you to what you see in pic-2. pic-2 - By clicking on the "View" buttons pointed out in pic-1 you can get to this "Scan Report List" page where you can get more "Details" by clicking the "Details" link for any one of the performed scans you might be interested in looking at additional scan details. pic-3 - A click on "Details" as illustrated in pic-2 will get you to the "Scan Report Details" page where you can determine the outcome of the scan including threats found and what was done about each threat found. pic-4 - Provides an example where the "Objects Detected" option has been expanded (by clicking the circled toggle icon) to show details of the threats detected for the performed scan that was selected to get more details on what was done with each of the detected threats.
  3. Most people will have their computer at the very minimum enter "Sleep" mode (some use "Hibernate" mode etc.) after a specific amount of idle time has passed as opposed to leaving their computer awake at all times. Because Adaware Automated Scans will only run when the computer is in "Wake" mode there are specific requirements that need to be done to assure that Automated Scans will reliably run. So for users who want Adaware to run Automated Scans scheduled during times the computer will most likely not be awake (during times the user will typically be away from their computer such as 12AM - 5AM) it is a necessary prerequisite to "wake" the computer prior to the time the Automated Scan is scheduled to run. This can be accomplished, for example, by scheduling a task (i.e. using Windows Task Scheduler) that will wake the computer from "Sleep" or "Hibernate" modes just prior to the time when the Automated Scan is scheduled to run. Keep in mind, if the user requires a password to gain access to Windows then the "Run whether user is logged on or not" setting must to be enabled in the Windows Task Scheduler for that task. (Note: In the event the computer is already awake at the time -- then the scheduled task to "wake" the computer will do nothing.) One more thing, it may be necessary to enable the "Sleep" setting "Allow wake timers" under Windows "Power Options" > "Advanced settings" (see attached screen-shot). If all of this is done the Adaware Automated Scans should always successfully run as scheduled.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Before I go to this extent -- I have a question. I'm assuming that the "Automated" scan will perform even while the computer is in "Sleep" mode -- is that correct? I don't want to do all of the above if this isn't the case (because my computer will of course generally be in "Sleep" mode at the time the "Automated" scan is scheduled (3:00AM daily). Oh and one other thing -- since I'm on Windows 7.... could that be a problem? Does Adaware have any problems on Windows 7? Thanks again.
  5. The Automated Scan never scans. The scheduled settings are set to "Daily", "Quick" and "3:00AM". It doesn't matter as far as the scheduled settings -- no matter what I set them at Adaware never runs an automated scan. I always find that Adaware tells me that I need to run a scan (after a few days) because the Automated Scan fails to start. Manual scans work fine. Please advise as to what I need to do to get this function to work. Thanks in advance