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  1. Avi

    How to...

    Pls DONT force your products to ppl whitout asking, its ugly and very incorrect, took me 4 hours to fix this , time I could spend more pleasantly.
  2. Avi

    How to...

    Cmon pls, tell me how to get rid of this https://imgur.com/a/JHpGVVo
  3. Avi

    How to...

    Ok, somehow i got your *%^*&^%* program, and for the pass 3 hours im trying to remove this &*^*&^&* from my PC, i try everything thats in the forum, nothing works, on some of your topics you give 3 suggestions i try the 3th one and now my antivirus program is not working. WHAT THE HELL I SHOULD DO???