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  1. Hello, I noticed that the Bitdefender files used by Adaware, all are signed with a revoked signature. There are 2 files that are also signed by Microsoft digitial signature (drivers: trufos.sys, gzflt.sys), The microsoft signature is OK, but the BitDefender signature is revoked. The revoked signature has this serial number: 32 3D 9C BC 0C 4D 5E CA E2 34 A4 9D 62 16 65 41 and seems to be the same for all the files. I have not seen any windows warnings. And Adaware seems to be working OK. Still it's unusual. I am not sure if BitDefender revoked the certificate, or if it's a problem with my computer. I have attached a PrintScreen of each file showing the warning that the "A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer". Using Windows 7 32 bits. So the files should all be 32 bits versions.
  2. Hi CeciliaB, Thank you for your reply. I know there are minor releases and Adaware still seems maintained, but the blog being dead since 2017, and there hasn't been new developments gives the idea of abandonment. Out of curiosity I searched about adaware being bought out, and I can only find something about 2011, when they where bought by solaria fund. Can you tell me who owns adaware these days? In the website it says that the CEO is Daniel Assouline, is he still in charge? The website doesn't seem very updated, so I am guessing it's no longer him.
  3. hello, I noticed that the latest release of Adaware was 3 years ago. In 2017 Adaware 12 was realeased. I also saw that the most recent blog posts in the website date back to 2017. It seems like a bomb was dropped in adware in 2017 and no new activity was seen since then. I want to know if there are any new versions in the making, or adaware is going to be phased out? I see that adaware 12 is still maintained, but the engine and definitions come mostly from bitdefender. Are there are definitions still being done by adaware? Basically all I want to know is, is adaware still alive and maintained? Why the stop since 2017? Is it still worth it to buy a license for the upcoming years?